In Loving Memory Of Zechariah & A special Thanks

When Someone you love passes away you don’t need words or to say anything in a moment of dispare know that Our Yah is still there. Silence is not good but you can feel it when something is wrong. When my Loving Brother passed away Just the Look in my dads eyes as he walked into my work I don’t think I will ever forget it…. I just knew in a Heartbeat that something Bad happened… then When he said the words to me.. Mariah Zechariah was in a accident and he is not going to make it…. My heart started racing my head started pounding I screamed at the top of my lungs <<NO THIS CAN’T BE>> My heart still aces and there are some days and nights where I hear the 14 words my dad said when he picked me up from work… and also I will hear me and my family sobbing when we heard he had passed on… My heart will never be the same a Huge chuck of it died when Zechariah did… but instead of thinking of the Screaming and Sobbing that I heard and hear… I remember when we got to the Hospital there was 40 people outside waiting for us to get there and praying for a miracle … so many people showed up at the hospital, Grave Side Service and Memorial Service.. there where the 40 at the hospital Tuesday, about 150+ people at the Grave side service on Friday and Sunday at the Memorial Service there where 1100+ people who came to show love and support and to share testimonies of Zechariahs Life.. I would like to Thank each of the people who touched our lives in November 2 years ago when Zechariah passed away.. to think of all the good times there is so much to say… we appreciate all of the love and sweetness people gave when they heard what happened.. I want to encourage each of Y’all to shine Yeshuas Light everyday.. Hug your loved ones and tell them what they mean to you.. You never know when there time may be Zechariahs was very young and unexpected… spend as much time as you can loving on your family and Friends…

Thank you all so Dearly For showing your love and support to our Family in the hardest season of our lifes. We were blessed to see How many people who Zechariah touched in his 22.5 years on this earth… we are still to this day hearing stories and testimonies of How Our Yah and King used our Dear brother in touching so many people in a short time> 🙂 Praise be to our father and King.

Thanks Again ~Mariah
For The Bowling Family!!!!


Life is Beautiful

Over the past few months life has in no way been easy for me.. I have been dwelling on a lot of things with so much on my mind.. I was focused on so much stuff that brought no glory to Yahweh.. during Sukkot I had a new awakening and a new experience like never before.. I started crying and worshiping Yah.. I felt him call my name and say Mariah you are my beloved and I love you so much. You are my bride and I chose you! I started crying even harder.. I did not know how to take it.. My heart was full again I felt Yahs unconditional love and compassion.. I started thinking on all the times my Father had mercy on me.. and my family.. all the times I was unaware of his goodness.. I did not understand all the signs He had been trying to give me for so long.. he was saying Mariah I am with you! Mariah its going to be okay… even when He felt so far away He was right beside me and carrying me through the tough days.. I realized that it was going to be okay… and no matter what happened in life that He had a plan from the beginning.. My life was not the same after that experience .. My heart was changed and I was a new person.. my view on things in this life was completely different.. Yahweh did a work I never thought could be done.. It was like he did a open-Heart surgery.. Yahweh is the King of kings and he loves us more then we could ever imagine.. He sent his one and Only son to die on the stake for us and our sins.. He loves so so much unconditionally and we cant even fathom… His grace is enough and sufficient for us.. we need to look to him in every situation… during the hardest times in our life we see why we go through hard times..

Life is so beautiful.. the experiences we are a part of everyday shape who we are called to be in Messiah Yeshua! He calls us to be set apart examples of his life showing people the way to live.. what does it mean to live set apart?.. and to shine Yeshuas light?

We live set apart by saying no to satan and the world.. how we shine Yeshuas light is by saying no to the world and to the enemy… who is the true enemy.. Ephesians_6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

Have compassion on me oh Yahweh for I have failed you so much…. thank you for loving me… thank you for never giving up on me.. I love you Yah. I pray your blessings and love on anyone who reads this. I pray a fresh anointing on your People.. I ask for your healing on any sicknesses and pain… I thank you for your forgiveness and healing. IN YESHUAS Name Amen…


Be Blessed.. ~Mariah Kay

A new journey for my life

Hello all.. for the past year I have been working a retail job but in the past few weeks I felt the need to find a job where I can honor My King more.. so I have spent a lot of time in prayers.. I’m sure most of y’all know that I have a great love for children and sharing my faith. So last Thursday I put in my notice at my job.. and immediately I started worrying where I would go next or what I would do.. Even tho deep down inside I know Yah is in control.. so that evening my parents told me I need to have patience. and to trust that Yah had a plan and that he would provide everything in his due timing… for me patience is something I have always struggled with.. so I spent quite a while in prayer about a new job.. well yesterday we had some friends over for worship and fellowship they have seven girls.. I am going to be A NANNY! I am so excited to start this new journey and learn some awesome skills. Then today I was at work.  Shopping.. and one of my mangers came up to me and he asked me If I would be willing to help on the days I’m not being a Nanny for the other family.. I am so blessed and looking forward to this new time in my life..


I love children so much and MY father. and King..

Thanks you all so much for all the support and Prayers over the past year.

Blessings Mariah

Happy feast of booths! 

Hey y’all! Happy sukkot from Texas! Many awesome things have happened this sukkot so far ! Yahweh is so faithful!! We have seen so much revival! I miss Zechariah so much this sukkot has been hard without him.. 💔 I know he wants us happy so the joy of Yahweh is my strength! I love you Zechariah! Rejoice in Yahweh and again I say rejoice!! ❤️ take joy my friends through the tough days ! 

Forgivness And Letting Go

Hi again. Today I want to share a personal story.. Ever since I was a little girl I have struggled with forgiving others but most of all I have struggled with forgiving myself.. I guess I never fully forgave myself after all the pain and self hurt I had done. I had not forgiven myself for hurting others.. I was holding so much in that it started to make me bitter.. I was having such a hard time letting go of pain, hurt, anger and more things. I started praying and seeking The Fathers face more and more.. I wanted to forgive myself I just did not know how? One night I was praying and crying in deep worship and I cried out to the Father Please tell me I’m forgiven. As soon as I finnished saying that I heard a loud clear voice say “Mariah, I forgive you! I love you” I looked around and no one was there! I honestly believe that I heard The Heavenly Father speak to me! I felt like I could let everything go, I felt like I could sing and worship in spirit and truth! It is so freeing! If you cry out  the Father will hear your prayer! It’s not that he had not forgiven me before that time but after I heard his voice it was like I could Finally forgive my self! Right now I want each of my friends to be able to let go and To forgive yourself that way you can be Free In Messiah Yeshua! You are made clean and forgiven! ~Mariah 


Hello all, During the past few weeks I have had a lot of stress. And I have had a lot of people come to me saying they are stressed out. Y’all this is an attack against The Fathers Children. Trying to devide against families and Freinds.. we have to stand strong. friends… I want to encourage each of you all to fight for the ones you love!  It says so many times in scriptures “do not worry” “do not Fear” I will put some verses below that I have found by doing word studies. 

I have learned when I am stressed out or upset to Turn on some praise and worship music , open my bible, open my heart to what the Father is showing me & to pray and Seek His face. He will show us things in a much deeper way then you Can Imagine! 
The Father has amazing Plans and every time He try’s to get the Body of Believers together it’s like the Enemy comes and Try’s to distract, destroy and Devive.. 

Friends we must not let the enemy work in us. We must unite in truth! We must join together in worship and prayer! There is so much power in prayer and We all need to have the boldness to pray for each other and to bless one another! 

Thank you for taking time to read and Listen to my heart!

Blessings ~Mariah Kay

P.S I have some Exciting news I will release in a couple weeks hopefully! 

Matthew 6:25-34 Proverbs 3:5-6 Romans 8:38-39 Philippians 4:6-7 Matthew 11:28-30 Psalms 55:22 Psalms 23:4 Psalms 56:3

Learning to be a light..

IMG_0305.JPGHello all,

It has been way too long since my last post.. I am going to start writing more, I hope everyone has been well.. lately I have had a lot going on.. a lot of decisions that can change my life forever.. I have had some tough times and decisions I just don’t know how to answer.. like where I am going to go or what I am going to be and I think I finally have decided what I am going to do. I am going to be happy where the father has me for now.. I am going to trust in his timing and learn to be a light where He has me right now.. I am going to have hope, I am going to have Joy, I am going to have Peace.. I am going to have His love in my life and his Light In my eyes that way when people see me and talk to me they can see his reflection through my eyes.. I want to be a light to this dark world.. I want to shine like never before.. I want people to be able to look at me and say She is a Child of the most High! She has a relationship with her prince (Yeshua).. each and everyday and in every situation we can chose to be a light or to blend in with this world and to  compromise or lower our standards.. but as Children of the most High we must not blend in, conpromise our life, lower our standerds.. and we are supposed to stand out and be a light.. we are supposed to be walking and Livig examples of the fathers love for his children.. we are supposed to be a light and a guide to those who do not know of The Fathers Love.. for now on when you see someone passing you on the street that looks sad reach out to them show them Yeshua’s Love, pray for them.. maybe it’s someone you have never seen or someone you see every day but don’t say Hi.. I am learning how to be bold and shine Yeshua’s light to this world maybe it’s to reach out to a homeless person or pray for someone you walk by in the store maybe it’s the person who always gets your coffee in the morning or ice cream in the evening.. you may not know how much a little hello or I am praying for you or how can I pray for you could mean to someone.. everyone needs to know how much Their king loves them.. some feel rejected or lost and you can bring them closer to that light just by a simple word or a gentle smile.. but no matter what shine his Light and love.. be an example to others.. sometimes behind a broken looking person can be a genuine soft heart ready to hear the truth.. be prepared to share everywhere you go! I hope you all have a wonderful week!


I found out my password finally.. so Hopefully that means more post.. 🙂


Keep shinning and Sharing His Love.


Many Blessings, Mariah K.

No One Else Can Play Your Part

Shalom all long time no post..

I lost My Brother just under 2 months ago… there is not a day that goes by I don’t think of him or cry for him! I miss him so very much! He was such a Godly example to look up to and Such a light to this dark world! I had sent a card about 3 weeks before he passed and found it a few days ago but I had said “oh Zechariah I love you so much I don’t know how I would ever live my life without you” 😔 He was such an inspiration to me and saved my life so many times! And encouraged me to live a more pure life devoted to God! There are days that are easier because they are full of distractions that make me think of other things like good times and memories! But there are days like last Saturday night we where printing off pictures of him an our family and I started crying cause it just does not feel right? How can it already be alomst 2 months? No one else could ever replace the love and compassion he showed to me and everyone he met! Sometimes you just have to remember that he wants you to move on he wants you too be happy he wants you to live life and have peace in knowing that he is now in a better place with no more pain or tears no more hate or fear! For he is in the shadow of the almighty worshipping him in spirit and in truth! Some days I won’t understand why they go by easier than others but I know he wants us to think on the good times not the fact that he is no longer here in person but the times where we could laugh over the craziest things  oh those days where the best!! Oh how I miss you Zechariah!

I want everyone to know Zechariah wants you to live on! He wants you to keep serving Yah he wants you to never give up faith or hope in one day seeing him again! I really look forward to the day where I can Run into Zechariah’s arms and dance with him again!!! I look forward to meeting Yeshua face to face and Dancing with HIM!

Have peace in Knowing no one else can play your part you are important an special Yahweh has amazing Plans for YOU never give up keep shinning like the stars ✨!

You are made in the Image of Yah!  You are beautiful cause you are fearfully and wonderfully Made! 💖

In Loving Memory of Zechariah Bowling Born May 5th 1994- Entered Into Yeshua’s arms November 22 2016

Love you Zechariah!



Worship Yah in Spirit and truth

I am learning so much each day and growing closer and closer to Yahweh! he is showing me more things then I can think of sometimes it is tough on me but I need to remember to trust in Yahweh more and more.. I love Yahweh with all of my heart! 🙂 Yahweh is my light and my salvation whom shall I fear! I am following Yahweh in every way I can! I know I have not posted a lot lately! but I have been trying to stay up on my scripture reading and studying ! I am sorry for not keeping you all up to date! like can just be full of changes and work where I just dont have time to share!

I will worship Yahweh in spirit and truth!

I am really excited to say that I will be attending Camp Yeshua once again! I will be Jr staff again for the second time! This is my 4th year at camp! I feel like it is going to be an amazing time! I will hopefully be able to share with many youth like my life stories and experiences I have had! I love this growing experience!

btw I no longer have wifi at the house so I only have my laptop with me once every 6-8 weeks I will try and post more!

I love you all!

~Mariah Kay~

Praise you in this storm

I will praise you in this storm and I will lift my hands you are who you are no matter where I am every tear I cry you hold in your hands you never  left my side although my heart is torn I will praise you in this storm.

Last night while it was storming really bad I was at work and heard this song and it reminded me that no matter what storms we are going through Yahweh is by our side and with us no matter rough. I have several friends that have lost loved ones in the past few weeks and wanted to say that no matter what storms you are going through Yahweh is by your side and can bring you through anything!

I am so sorry for all the losses that you all have had also I am saddened by all that happened in France and that is happening in the world! we need to be in prayer! Be strong in  the storm and remember that Yeshua is by your side and that you are loved! Yeshua Loves you and so do I! Shalom Mariah Kay


Photo credit Toby Hoos!

Have a wonderful day